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Why MADI houses?

Quality and satisfaction guarantee

MADI uses traditional materials in an innovative modular home that unfolds to provide an affordable, high-quality living space quickly and easily. Our houses are an eco-sustainable, innovative and superior quality solution that, at the same time, ensures very short construction times and attractive costs.

Freedom to create

We believe the customer is the creator. Our mission is to empower consumers to create their own living experience. You can add your personal touches by choosing your preferred dimensions and materials, based on your unique needs and financial circumstances.

Trustworthy partner

Invented by the Italian architect Renato Vidal, MADI is a foldable modular living unit which is easy and fast to build. Speed is not synonymous with an absence of attention to detail. MADI houses are in fact designed to be equipped with every comfort.

Simplicity & Aesthetics

Our foldable modular units specialize in premium modular home living. We have combined aesthetics and functionality into a fully functional, customizable modular home product that is ready for live-in within six months. The MADI system offers many construction options based on multiple modules and materials.


Functional house for your family


Strong form with spacious interior


Traditional look that fits anywhere


Flat roof for minimal and modern look


Versatile shape for intensive or single developments

Wellness at your fingertips


How it works

You are only 5 simple steps away from getting your dream home!

Step 1

Getting in touch

Step 2

Purchase and permits

Step 3

Pick a house

Step 4

Transport & Installation

Step 5

Final handover


The house is Yours!

Delivery within Europe

Would you like to become our distributor or expand overseas? Large orders outside of Continental Europe are ossessed on a case-to-case basis. Currently MADI has offices in Switzerland and Norway.

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Press about MADI

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