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Modula-re SA, through its MADI patented foldable product and its forward thinkind corporate culture, allways aims to innovate and disrupt its entrepreneurial environment. This is why we decided to cultivate our online community offering being the first company in Ticino to offer our shares tokenizing our equity for the public! Your investment will enable us to implement our medium and long-term strategic goals, enhance our M.A.DI modular products and strenghten our expansion on a national and continental level.


The information on this page is not an investment recommendation, every investment in shares is subject to entrepreneurial risk. A loss in value of up to 100% of the invested capital is possible.


Our experience

Modula-re SA is a company, created in 2019, and the sole licensee of the MADI brand and its associated international patents. MADI is a patented system of folding houses that was born from the genius talent and tenacity of Italian architect Renato Vidal, whose inspiration then met the pragmatism and experience of the Swiss group Modula-re, an expert company in real estate development, with which the awareness of being able to disrupt the construction industry took force.


Our experience

Why become a MODULA-RE shareholder

With your participation, starting from just a couple of Swiss Francs, you will be able to directly and officially own a share of Modula-re SA. As the owner of Modula-re’s tokens, you will be able to participate and to vote at the annual general meetings and to participate and profit from our future.

Help us fold a new world!


Why become a MODULA-RE shareholder

Modula-re SA Financial Statements 2019-2020

How become a MODULA-RE shareholder

We wanted to be one of the first companies in Switzerland to enter the world of blockchain technology. To do this in the best possible way, we relied on a secure partner like Aktionariat with whom we share a vision focused on creating a sustainable, transparent and openminded culture. Aktionariat is a Swiss company that provides a platform to issue, manage and exchange tokenized shares and that will allow you in a few steps (viewable in the link below) to join our shareholders by becoming an active part of our revolution.

Through the link below you can access the detailed guide on how to buy blockchain-based Aktionariat shares; the same procedure is also applicable for acquiring Modula-re SA shares with the Aktionariat Portfolio app ( iOS , Android ) or any other WalletConnect-compatible Ethereum wallet.


How become a MODULA-RE shareholder

The downloadable document below sets out the legal basis on which the market for MODULA-RE AG shares is based in accordance with Article 973d ff. of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Registration agreement MODULA RE SA

The legal form document downloadable below concerns the application of the relevant clauses such as tag-along and drag-along. The document is to be considered a reduced shareholder agreement that applies to all token holders.

Common Shareholder Agreement MODULA-RE SA


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