Frequently Asked Questions


When you have decided to order your M.A.DI. home we will put you in touch with our local architectural partners  (where available) with whom you can define the purchase and arrange an on-site consultation.

On-site Consultation

Basically, all material needed to provide you with a turnkey and ready M.A.DI. home is
brought to you by our transport partners. Our M.A.DI. home technicians will then carry out
on-site installation and provide you with your turnkey M.A.DI. home in around 8-15 days only.
A standard delivery can be defined as a delivery carried out to a spot without any particular limitation for transit of trucks with a width of 3,00 meters.
An average installation activity requires a pre-dimensioned foundation ready at the start of
installation activities and an additional average 200 sqm per module of easily accessible and
non/slightly sloped piece of land for temporary deposit of material and space of manoeuvre.


M.A.DI. homes are assembled in the northern part of Italy with EU suppliers and shipped everywhere in EU.

M.A.DI. homes are made using traditional building methods and materials and are calculated to be resistant to strong wind.They are also fire earthquake certified at the highest standards.

MADi homes are available with one, two and three bedrooms. Please refer to our detailed floor plans for more information. If you need more space we realize your project on request.


M.A.DI. homes can theoretically be leaned on the ground directly, but for a long term positioning it is necessary to build normal basic foundations as any other home.

On specific terrains, it is also possible to conceive a screw pile zero-land impact foundation, but assessment needs to be carried out on a case-to-case basis.


M.A.DI. homes can be delivered everywhere in Europe.

We need 3 months for production and delivery, and 8-15 days for the installation of the house up to a turnkey level. For the first orders, we will conceive a 3 months pre-order queue, in order to always provide you with the highest service standard level.

Standard* delivery and installation costs, are on average, 25% of the cost of the home.


We do! MADi takes the hassle out of building your new home.

Once you order a MADi home we’ll send a local site consultant to discuss the best way to install your new home. We then co-ordinate foundations, delivery and installation.

We love to make our customers happy and comfortable. So, sit back and relax, we will provide you with your M.A.DI. home with a full turnkey solution: you will just need to bring in your own furniture!

Actually no, M.A.DI. home do not come furnished but we are working to offer you this possibility to make your M.A.DI. home even more exclusive with Italian design furniture.

Your M.A.DI home will comply with the highest energetic near-zero consumption levels according to the Swiss MINERGIE energy standards.

Building authorizations are a local matter and we do not have an answer for all cases. However, most of the times, building permit is required in order to have your M.A.DI. home installed. It’s also important to note that building regulations vary greatly from area to area. You hence might want to check preliminary whether the installation of a M.A.DI. home in your selected area is feasible from a regulatory perspective. Such regulatory and authorization services are usually provided by architects and architectural studios. We don’t provide such  preliminary due diligence and authorization services ourselves, but within specific geographical areas we are able to put you in contact with our local dedicated architectural partners, who will be able to carry out such services on your behalf at a competitive price and with highest levels of professionalism.In case we have no architectural partner within your area, do not worry! Any architectural firm of your choice will also do the trick.

Standard delivery and installation is considered one which has:

Site Access:

  • Unobstructed vehicular access (in/out) of the building site.
  • Access for machinery to be positioned within 3 meters (9.84 feet) of the foundation site and for tradespeople to enter/ exit unrestricted.
  • No site works required to prepare the foundation site.
  • Unencumbered, stable and level foundation site i.e. little or no slope in the land identified as the installation footprint (A M.A.Di. home footprint includes an additional 2 meters (6.56 feet) perimeter).
  • No clearing to be undertaken, i.e. trees or rocks to be removed.
  • Use of a screw pile foundation

Utility access:

  • Utility access points (water, sewer & electricity) within the 2 meters (6.56 feet) of the perimeter.
  • Access to power and water available during the installation period.

Connection to utilities does not require local council involvement (Your M.A.DI. has a main connection point to make a connecting power/water/sewerage simple and easy, however due to local regulations and liability this may need to be completed by local council and is therefore not included as part of the standard installation.

Transport & Shipping:

  • Standard clearance at port of unloading.
  • Site within 100 kilometres (62.14 miles) of port of unloading.
  • No warehousing required i.e. where a M.A.DI. arrives before a site is ready for installation.

As part of the on-site consultation we will be able to confirm if your site meets criteria for a standard installation or whether some additional activity will be required. Your M.A.DI. on-site consultant will be able to provide an estimate for any additional work required.


We are working on ways to offer financial assistance with the purchase of your MADi home, please sign up to our mailing list to be one of the first to hear when this is complete.