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Are MADI Homes to be considered “normal” buildings?

Yes, MADI homes are to be considered as normal buildings. The fact that they are foldable with a patented system and with a wooden structural frame allows us to supply them to you in a fast, cost-efficient and high-quality fashion, but all MADI homes are top-quality, low energy consumption buildings with all technical features of a normal home.

It is important to note, you will need to check with your local authority and regulations that the technical standard and features of MADI are compliant with all needed requirements.

Where are the MADI buildings produced?

MADI homes are assembled in the northern part of Italy with EU suppliers, the technical planning and conception of MADI homes are carried out in Switzerland.

Are MADI homes sustainable?

Yes, MADI homes are extremely focused on sustainability.

Our MADI homes have extremely low energy consumption and in ideal situations, they might even be at a near a zero-energy consumption level.

The wooden core of the building is also conceived to be an extremely sustainable cornerstone element of the house, being the finest European wood of Austrian origin.

How long should I expect my MADI Home to last (durability)?

MADI homes are built to last like any other home! With ordinary maintenance and depending on many other variables, the house is built to last up to 50-100 years.

Are MADI homes fire certified?

Yes, MADI homes are fire certified at the highest standards.

Are MADI homes earthquake certified?

Yes, MADI homes are earthquake certified at the highest standards.

Are MADI buildings strong wind certified?

Yes, MADI Homes are certified resistance to strong winds and hurricanes.

What is the MADI homes energy standard?

MADI homes are currently provided at the highest technical and energetic standards.

Consumption is therefore extremely low, but not only that; within specific areas, with good light irradiation, and if photovoltaic panels are chosen as an option, MADI houses are even able to have an overall energy balance close to ZERO!

I am interested in MADI Home and would like to carry out a large order (an order of over 10 modules). What do I need to do?

If you are a large order customer, you can get in touch with us directly using the e-mail:



Once installed, will I need to carry out specific maintenance or refitting? Shall I be able to fix, modify, refit the house as I wish in the long term?

MADI homes present the exact same features of any other wooden structured building. Long-term ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance is possible in the exact same fashion as any other wooden structured home. You will be provided with all technical and executive plans so that you will be completely independent of us for any future modification or refitting of your MADI home.

Do MADI homes need a building permit?

Building authorizations are a local matter and we do not have an answer for all cases. However, most of the time, a building permit is required to have your MADI Home installed.

It is also important to note that building regulations vary greatly from area to area. You hence might want to check preliminarily whether the installation of a MADI home in your selected area is feasible from a regulatory perspective.

Such regulatory and authorization services are usually provided by architects and architectural firms.

We don’t provide such preliminary due diligence and authorization services ourselves, but within specific geographical areas (at the moment, Switzerland only) we are able to put you in contact with our local dedicated architectural partners, who will be able to carry out such services on your behalf at a competitive price and with highest levels of professionalism.

In case we have no architectural partner within your area, do not worry! Any architectural firm of your choice will also do the trick.

I am based in ….., can I order a MADI home?

We currently ship within the EU only (inc. Iceland, UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia).

Large orders (> 40 modules) outside the EU are taken into consideration on a case-to-case basis.

Always make sure that the technical features of MADI home are compliant with your local regulations, before carrying out an order!

How long does it take to have a MADI Home?

We need 3 to 4 months for production and delivery, and 8-14 working days for the on-site installation of the house (number of days depending on the size and type of the purchased MADI) up to a turnkey level.

Is the building process invasive?

No! Installation is fast and hassle-free, we will need 8-14 on-site working days only (depending on the size of your MADI home) before providing you with your turnkey MADI home, ready to be lived!

What does MADI take care of, and what do I need to take care of?

With MADI, we take care of everything related to the superstructure of the house.

Every aspect related to the preparation of the land and building site (foundations, various systems connections, building site set-up, etc.) and services (any professional service related to authorizations and regulatory issues, etc.) is to be managed by the client directly. Architectural firms are usually able to provide the management of all such services.

You can choose one of our local architectural partners (where available – such as Switzerland) or alternatively can choose one architectural partner on your own.

I want a MADI home, how do I get it?

We have a specific section and document that explains in-depth how to get your MADI home, step by step. Click here to reach.

In brief, steps to be followed are:

  1. Choose your MADI home by carrying out full house customization using our catalogue.
  2. Talk with us and ask us any questions! Although our F.A.Q section and site are exhaustive, we understand you might have other questions regarding MADI You can contact us by email, or arrange a call.
  3. You now want to order your MADI Home.
    1. You will need to plan the technical and administrative process yourself (and we strongly suggest seeking the support of a trusted architect for this!). This also includes carrying out preliminary due diligence to make sure that your MADI home can be positioned where you would like it and, if the answer is positive, proceed to apply for a building permit within the local authority. But do not worry, we will still be at your side every step of the way and will be available for you and your architect for any technical requests needed to successfully obtain your building permit.
  4. Sign your order contract and… wait for your MADI home to come! We will then be able to have your MADI home ready to live in within 3-5 months from the date of the order signature.

What are the necessary steps to ensure that I can build a MADI Home on my plot of land?

You can check our dedicated section where you can find the required steps in order to carry out a MADI order.

Do I need to have my own plot of land to build a MADI Home?

Yes, and you also need to carry out a preliminary study and then obtain a building permit in order to carry out your order safely.

Is MADI directly involved in the services provided by its local side-services partners?

No, MADI chooses its partners with full confidence in their ability to professionally carry out their services but does not directly guarantee the services provided by them.


What are MADI homes made of?

MADI homes are provided with a wooden core structure. Wooden structures are one of the most sustainable ways of building, and allows us to provide you with a fast, high-quality home without any hassle and providing you with a fully finished home in 8 to 14 working days of on-site works only!

Our wooden structure buildings are certified for fire, hurricanes, and earthquakes, having been planned with the highest engineering standards. They hold furthermore extremely high and customizable energetic standards, from a base-good level of energy consumption up to the worldwide highest nearly zero consumption levels.


Do MADI Homes need foundations?

MADI homes can theoretically be leaned on the ground directly, but for long-term positioning, it is necessary to build normal basic foundations as any other home.

Is the building process invasive?

No! Installation is fast and hassle-free, we will need 8-14 on-site working days only (depending on the size of your MADI home) before providing you with your turnkey MADI home, ready to be lived in!


Once installed, can I relocate my MADI home?

The patented foldability of our MADI homes ensures that we can provide you with a top-quality home within weeks and minimal on-site work impact.

Our product, however, has not been (at this moment) optimized for further relocation once installed. We hence cannot recommend relocation of our modules because MADI homes have never been properly tested for this kind of operation.

We currently recommend MADI homes for long-term use only.

What can I customize in my MADI home?

You are able to personalize your MADI home by choosing between

  • Available MADI Home shapes
  • Size of your MADI home
  • You will then be able to choose all finishing and fixtures of your home:
    • Facade
    • Roof finishes
    • Flooring
    • Stairs
    • Window blinds
    • Windows joinery
    • Interior doors
  • And you will also be able to choose the inclusion of selected options:
    • Solar panels
    • Solar panels battery
    • Anti-theft
    • Fire protection
    • Video intercom
    • Kitchen
    • Sanitary
    • VMC


How much does a MADI Home cost?

MADI homes are cheaper than both traditional and prefabricated buildings.

Do keep in mind, we are providing customers with an end-to-end turnkey housing solution and our prices include everything you need to have your house ready and inhabitable!

Our houses are also customizable and shipped to countries with varying import taxes and VAT regimes, therefore prices can vary. You can head over to our catalog to get a better idea of the cost of each possible house configuration and price.

For sales in currencies different from EUR (e.g. Switzerland – CHF), we offer attractive exchange rate lock-in options, in order not to worry about exchange rate fluctuations.

What are the payment terms and other legal purchase conditions of MADI homes (inc. guarantees, etc.)?

We prepared for you a specific document “How to get your MADI home”, capable of answering all questions related to this topic.

Can you tell me more about the transport and installation process and related fees?

All material needed to provide you with a turnkey and ready MADI home is brought to you by our transport partners. Our MADI Home technicians will then carry out on-site installation and provide you with your turnkey MADI-home in 8-14 working days only (number of days depending on the size of your ordered MADI home).

Standard delivery can be defined as a delivery carried out to a spot without any limitation for transit of trucks with a width of around 3,00 meters.

An average installation activity requires a pre-dimensioned foundation ready at the start of installation activities and a temporary additional average of 200 sqm per module of easily accessible and non/lightly sloped piece of land for temporary deposit of material and space of maneuver.

The cost of transport and installation is already clearly shown within all our catalogue.

Regarding the installation process, it is important to note that our price does not include a heavy lifting machinery lease (crane), which will need to be provided by yourself, based on our technician’s instructions.

Please do note, that transport can have a slight overall price impact – up to 5% of the total price for the furthest EU regions.

How can I pay for my MADI Home?

Although MADI allows you to build your own home at a great price, the financial responsibilities of homeownership should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to get in touch with a bank to get preapproved for a mortgage, and within specific countries (Switzerland at the moment) we may also be able to get you in touch with brokers we trust that can do this for you.

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