How does the process look like?

There’s only few steps away from getting your dream house. Find the particular steps described below.

Step 1

Getting in touch

Contact our Team! It is quick and easy. Do it through the dedicated contact form or send an email to We would be glad to reply to any queries you may have!

Step 2

Purchase a land and obtain a permit

To buy a MADI house you will need to have a plot of land on which to locate it. Often it is also necessary to obtain a building permit. Contact a surveyor in your area for a consultation!

Additional materials

By entering your email address you will get access to additonal materials that will help you with picking the right land for the house.

Download form

Step 3

Pick a house

Download our catalogue and choose the MADI shape you like best. Inside our catalogues you will also find many options and you can choose from several available colours!

Step 4

Transport & Installation

Once your order is complete, your home will be shipped and will travel safely to the location of your choice. There it will be installed in a few weeks by our professional team.

Step 5

Final Handover

The house is finally ready and will be handed over to you on a turnkey basis. You just have to enjoy it!