Madihome Norway has been awarded the Climate-KIC Greenhouse Accelerator Scholarship, which is given only to the most innovative and sustainable companies in Norway.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) argued for the award with Madihome bringing innovation to the real-estate market.

Built on the spectacular PowerPier, the Madihome’s overlook the ocean through the characteristic glass facade, and thus offer a property adapted for the future.

The concept PowerPier is a vision where all future construction will have a positive footprint in society. Thanks to solar panel roofs, wave energy absorption, wind turbines, and hydrogen energy storage system, the construction PowerPier will produce and store as much energy as a small power plant, simply by absorbing the potential of its surroundings.

Perfect balance, without compromising on living standard and sustainability!

 Designed by Leon Kolflaath with flexibility and adaptation in mind, the PowerPier concept will be an option for the growing offshore industry or connected to land as an zero footprint option for reclaiming land, but also as a necessity in areas where rising water levels demand a new way of constructing homes!

MADI will continue to strive for a sustainable future and the climate KIC program is yet another step towards that goal! Together with our brilliant partners and collaborators, we will continue to strive for a sustainable and beautiful future!

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