Versatile shape for intensive or single developments

Usable surface

25 m2


90 000 €

Why MADi brick?

Comfortable and adaptable

M.A.DI. creates safe and cosy spaces which can grow, move or change with your needs. Designed for extremely comfortable and affordable living, you are also ensured of a construction innovative enough to adapt to your budget or vision.

Freedom to create

We believe the customer is the creator. Our mission is to empower consumers to create their own living experience. You can add your personal touches by choosing your preferred dimensions and materials, based on your unique needs and financial circumstances.

Energy efficient

We offer the highest energy standards. By adding solar panels and storage battery you can even make MADI structures energy independent. On or off-grid – with MADI, the choice is yours.

Endless possibilities

The M.A.DI. system offers many construction options based on multiple modules and materials. The availability of modules of varying sizes, and the ability to add to them laterally allows you an endless array of creative choices. In addition, with its highly standardized production process and dry assembly structure, you’re able to save both time and money.

Technical details



25 m2


75 m3


90 000 €


With many options to choose from you can make the house look and feel as you like. Download the brochure to see all the custom elements available.

Standard elements

Heated towel rails

∙ Thanks to the discreet and elegant line, the product fits perfectly into any type of furniture. Practicality and reliability complete the whole. The electric version makes this product unique in its kind and important for home furnishings. ∙ Available in 4 heights and in the width of 580 mm.


This heat recovery unit is the ideal solution for single rooms and small housing units, for renovations and new buildings. The decentralized solution offered is simple to install and does not require major transformation operations, it has small dimensions and high-performance values.


∙ R410A refrigerant gas ∙ Also available in SF versions (Cool Only) ∙ Large flap for homogeneous air diffusion in the environment ∙ Multifunction remote control ∙ 24h timerrnrnINVERTER SYSTEMrn∙ Consumption reduced by 30% compared to engines with traditional technology. ∙ Cooling power up to 3.25 kW. ∙ Multi-filtering system for the air treatment.

Heat pump water heaters

∙ Working range in heat pump with air temperatures from -7 to 42 ° Crn∙ Ecological gas R134a allows to reach water temperatures up to 62 ° C in heat pumprn∙ Electric heater in steatite with double powerrn∙ Functions: green, auto, boost, boost 2, hourly programming of voyage and anti-legionella samplesrn∙ One or two coils and probe holder for solar, boiler or biomass integrationrn∙ DHW circulation (NUOS PLUS 250 SYS and TWIN SYS)rn∙ Functions for the integration of other energy sources: photovoltaic, smart grid, hybridrn∙ Possibility of external load activationrn∙ Optimization of operation with combined boiler or heating onlyrn∙ Product for indoor installation

Structure in CLT

The CLT (cross laminated timber) or is a versatile, safe and innovative solid wood panel with crossed layers; it is made up of several layers of boards (composed of 99.4% of fir wood and only 0.6% of formaldehyde-free adhesive), superimposed and glued on each other so that the fibers of each individual layer are rotate 90 ° with respect to the adjacent ones. ∙ The essence is of European spruce or equivalent coniferous wood, while all wood-based panels comply with the EN 13986 standard or a European Technical Assessment.

Optional elements

Solar panels / Battery

∙ 60 cells photovoltaic module, dimensions 1658x996x35mm, weight 19.5kg ∙ System voltage 1500V ∙ High efficiency photovoltaic modules ∙ Guaranteed positive yield tolerances of 0+ 5% by single measurement ∙ Maximum snow loads 5400N / m2 ∙ 3.2mm anti-reflective tempered glass ∙ Performance 18.77% ∙ Power 310W ∙ Class 1 reaction to fire ∙ 15-year product guarantee ∙ 25-year linear performance guarantee


∙ The product guarantees certified safety at the highest level. The system complies with grade 3 of EN50131 standards and ATS6 grade with EN50136. ∙ 4 models: 60 S – 60 L – 120 L – 240 L (maximum number of terminals in the system and number of terminals that can be mapped or relocated in the system) ∙ Up to 30 areas. ∙ Simultaneous management of wired and radio peripherals. ∙ Up to 4,000 events in memory. ∙ Conformity to EN50131 grade 3 on each model. ∙ Integrated LAN and USB interface. ∙ Compatibility with I-BUS peripherals.

Fire Protection

∙ This smoke detector allows you to add the possibility of giving indications regarding the presence of smoke in the environment to the anti-intrusion control unit. ∙ It has the ability to check the dust level of the optical chamber and to signal the possible need for cleaning of the optical chamber itself. ∙ The fire detection technology allows you to program the sensitivity of the smoke detection on 4 levels from 0.08dB / m to 0.15dB / m. ∙ It is equipped with a tri-color green, yellow and red LED which allows you to indicate the status of the device between normal operation, low battery, need to clean the optical chamber, alarm and fault. It is also possible to activate an option which deactivates the LED indications. ∙ All programming of the device, such as sensitivity, is programmed via radio without the need for direct intervention on the product.

Video Intercom

Wall-mounted Tab 7S IP video intercom for IP system, integrated Wi-Fi for call repetition on smartphone with dedicated app, 7-inch color LCD touch screen display, capacitive keypad for video door entry and intercom calls, video answering machine, teleloop for hearing aids, bracket for fixing on rectangular or round box, PoE power supply.


SINK: Washbasin with overflow in sanitary ceramic, rectangular shape. With border for central one-hole taps, three-hole or without holes.rnWC: Floor mounted, wall-hung, sanitary ceramic, for 4.5 liter drain, EWL Class 1, for floor-to-wall installation. Different drain types. With closed rim and ceramic diverter for hygienic reasons . Rounded rectangular and slightly conical body on the front, with oval internal basin and rectangular rear wall. Smooth and closed external surface.


Kitchen with structure and doors chosen from the catalogue, integrated handles and scratchproof laminate top chosen from the catalogue. Stainless steel sink with 1 basin and draining board, chromium-plated mixer tap, 3-drawer no-frost fridge-freezer, ventilated stainless steel oven, hob with 4 cooking zones, integrated dishwasher.

Decentralized Ventilation (VMC)

This heat recovery unit is the ideal VENTILATION solution for single rooms and small housing units, for renovations and new buildings. The decentralized solution offered is simple to install and does not require major transformation operations, it has small dimensions and high performance values.

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7 m2


48 000 €

Delivery within Europe

Would you like to become our distributor or expand overseas? Large orders outside of Continental Europe are ossessed on a case-to-case basis. Currently MADi has offices in Switzerland and Norway.

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