Wellness at your fingertips


7 m2


48 000 €

Why MADi sauna?

Comfortable and adaptable

M.A.DI. creates safe and cosy spaces. Designed for extremely comfortable and affordable living, you are also ensured of a construction innovative enough to adapt to your budget or vision.

Freedom to create

We believe the customer is the creator. Our mission is to empower consumers to create their own living experience. You can add your personal touches by choosing your preferred materials, based on your unique needs and financial circumstances.

Energy efficient

We offer the highest energy standards. By adding solar panels and storage battery you can even make MADI structures energy independent. On or off-grid – with MADI, the choice is yours.

Endless possibilities

The M.A.DI. system offers many construction options based on multiple materials. In addition, with its highly standardized production process and dry assembly structure, you’re able to save both time and money.

Technical details



7 m2


18 m3


48 000 €


With many options to choose from you can make the sauna look and feel as you like. Download the brochure to see all the custom elements available.

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Usable surface

25 m2


90 000 €

Delivery within Europe

Would you like to become our distributor or expand overseas? Large orders outside of Continental Europe are ossessed on a case-to-case basis. Currently MADi has offices in Switzerland and Norway.

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