“This construction unfolds into a home in just hours”

Mashable, November 2017

“While style isn’t a necessity, Vidal has managed to make these tiny homes extremely sleek looking”

Independent, November 2017

“M.A.Di is an ingenious flat pack home […] which boasts plenty of open plan living space in a tiny house frame”

The Sun, May 2018

“M.A.Di looks like an ordinary house, but everything underneath the exterior is the complete opposite of ‘simple’”

Architecture Design, November 2017

“[Renato Vidal] might have found a solution to the UK’s housing shortage

New York Post, November 2017

“This construction unfolds into a home in just hours”


“The prefabricated, earthquake-resistant house could come in handy in disasters”

Business Insider, January 2018

“Flat-pack M.A.Di houses can be assembled in six hours”

Dezeen, January 2018

“M.A.Di home […] not only sustainable, but designed to last”

New Atlas, November 2017