Give the right folding to your project


Did you ever think to transform your real estate project into a highly innovative and sustainable construction development, by simply folding it?

Probably not, but from today, thanks to MADI, you will be able to do it! MADI is an innovative construction system that allows us to fold buildings with different roof slopes and over 2 or more storeys, incredibly reducing on-site activities and timings.

MADI offers great range of architectural possibilities thanks to the aggregation of different modules, that are pre-fabricated in-factory in order to be rapidly deployed on-site (less than 20 working days to get your house to a turnkey level!).

MADI systems are covered by international patents

Yes, We fold houses

What is M.A.DI?

Acronym of “Modulo Abitativo Dispiegabile”, M.A.DI is a construction system that uses the unfolding technique for the realization of anti-seismic and high energy efficiency buildings for residential, touristic, hospitality and disaster relief uses.

Its pluses

Rapidity, scalability, quality, security, comfort, eco-sustainability, affordability, modularity, mobility and one-stop-shop building solution concept.

Energy efficient

MADI buildings respond to the highest Swiss energy standards and make it available to the world. Its prefab wooden structure, together with its ultra-high technical quality, allows the development of high quality, long-term urban solutions.

A model for the future

Our goal is to develop an authentic and disruptive construction system for the future. Dynamic, practical, and sustainable.  A model we always want to improve as we believe that everyday must be lived aiming to a new and innovative way of thinking.